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Insider tips from advertising psychology – part 1

Dive with us into the world of advertising psychology. Learn what exactly is behind advertising psychology and how it can work for your company in everyday life. What is advertising psychology, anyway? Advertising psychology studies the effect of advertising on the experience and behavior of the potential buyer. These include, for example, effects on purchase

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Top 5 advertising media in summer

Summer, sun, sunshine… Summer can offer more than just a water polo with a company logo. As this is the time of the year when people have the most free time, i.e. vacations or vacations, it is a good opportunity for companies to cultivate their customer loyalty with special promotional gifts. Of course, it is

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Behind the scenes… with the two company founders

How it all began In 2003, the Ebets company was founded in Franz Ebetshuber’s own garage. At that time, the employees could be counted on one hand, among them Elisabeth Ebetshuber and Eva Schöberl, who are still an important part of the company today. Today the company employs 24 people in a modern building. On

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Trends & change in advertising media

As a provider of advertising materials, it is important to always follow current trends and stay up to date. From USB sticks to NFC technology, Ebets is always on the ball when it comes to new innovations and trends. Promotional items became more versatile & important A major change in advertising media is that products

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ebets customers bounce higher

An invention that makes not only many children happy, but also parents: bouncy castles.Children have been able to let off steam in so-called “air castles” since 1977. They were invented by Austrian entrepreneur Elisabeth Kolarik, who realized her dream of an “air mattress you can also jump on.” Invention by accident Did you know that

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10 reasons why your company should use promotional products

Are you asking yourself whether the use of promotional items is too elaborate, too expensive or generally makes sense for your company? The following 10 reasons should help you decide on the use of advertising media. Keeping customers loyal to a company is difficult nowadays due to the many offers and the correspondingly high competition.

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ebets Feeldays – Experience ebets LIVE now.

Insights into the operation and production Beginning in 2017, we offer tours of the house on the first Thursday of every month from 9:00 – 11:00 am. Here there is the opportunity to get to know the company in detail, to find out about production steps and production methods and even to lend a hand

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Everything that becomes less becomes worth more.

A simple economic principle that probably everyone knows or has already experienced the effect. A good example of this is the raw material oil – if the production volume is reduced, the price and thus the value of the raw material increases. More digitization – less personal contact This principle can also be applied to

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How is “Gife-Away” spelled correctly?

Well, you’ve probably already spotted the error in “give-away” – but why read on now? Since childhood, and especially during school years, we are confronted with red marked error places. We perceive errors very well and often look for the “originator” of the error. Poor quality conveys bad image The situation is similar for promotional

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Customer loyalty through promotional gifts

Advertising materials that are sensibly selected and tailored to the needs of the target group reinforce long-term positive customer relationships. We have briefly summarized what you should pay attention to here. How do I make the right choice of promotional items? When choosing promotional gifts, there are some aspects and issues that you need to

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