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Month: April 2018

Insider tips from advertising psychology – part 2

The effects of advertising media can be massively increased with some basic methods. However, it is important that the principles and advertising psychology behind them are observed. Some of the most important methods and models are presented here in an easy-to-understand way. An experiment in advertising psychology In advertising psychology, scientific methods are used to

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Why corporate apparel makes sense …

Corporate Identity Motivate your employees to perform better with our help. The term “corporate identity” = the totality of company characteristics, together with the sub-term”corporate fashion” = custom-made clothing for companies, means that the motivation of employees can be significantly influenced by uniform work clothing. What manager or entrepreneur doesn’t want more performance in their

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Quality before quantity

The promotional item is noble, helpful and good. It was already known in ancient times that advertising works. Back then, market shouters provided the “branding” and somehow, to this day, the question arises whether advertising really always has to shout at you. Or does a more charming style also apply? If you want to present

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