Quality before quantity

The promotional item is noble, helpful and good.

It was already known in ancient times that advertising works. Back then, market shouters provided the “branding” and somehow, to this day, the question arises whether advertising really always has to shout at you. Or does a more charming style also apply?

If you want to present your company in a sympathetic light to your customers, if you not only want to sell your products but also market them in the long term, you need high quality standards when choosing advertising materials.

What message a mass-produced ballpoint pen with cheap printing from the Far East conveys is quickly told: Dear customer, you are not worth the money or the time for me to give you a nice gift. Ethics and aesthetics mean nothing to our company. And: Last but not least, with such a gesture you express more about the expected quality of your brands and products than they might have deserved.

In turn, imagine the following scenarios: You woo your customers with stylish product brochures that you have had printed by a European producer. Spoil prospective buyers with appealing, small gifts that are more than a mere mass-produced item – to stay with the classic ballpoint pen, surprise them with writing instruments with refills that write for 365 days and are light as a feather in the hand. Textiles that have passed through domestic weaving mills and luxury foods from regional cultivation areas with high-quality ingredients convey more than just an advertising message. They generate added value in their own economic area.

Sprinkle classy accessories that exude quality consciousness and generosity, as they represent style and taste in both you and your customers. This turns a simple giveaway into a charming compliment.

How advertising creates new values

The Old High German word “werban”, the origin of today’s “werben” (to advertise), is the most beautiful way of expressing how to woo potential customers in an appreciative manner. “Werban” means to turn, to strive.

Confidence in your products or services will increase if you pay attention to technical reliability, solid workmanship and attractive appearance even in seemingly negligible details of your promotional items. As a contra to many a ‘Far Eastern product philosophy’, it should be noted: An uncompromising renunciation of design copies is a worthwhile gain in credibility. The critical eye of the recipient, even though a promotional item is something free, is mostly incorruptible. Truthfulness is the most compelling argument why a prospect should return to you.

Items that have practical value are especially popular. Combined with an advertising graphic inscription of company logo, company slogan and brand name on the product, the name will be remembered as if by itself. What applies to the branding of any brand serves just as much as a benchmark for advertising. Do the promotional gifts work well, do they arouse interest, do they remain in use for a long time? These are the key questions that should concern marketing. UV light resistance, water- and dirt-repellent materials, easy-care and functional fabrics – these properties are expected from high-quality textiles such as bags, umbrellas and clothing, which make up a large part of promotional items. The associations with office gifts such as USB sticks with company imprint are functionality, efficiency and ease of work. This requires first-class, high data storage and solid plastic processing. Those who invest their time in just these small details will noticeably and visibly enhance their advertising campaigns and build customer loyalty. The most beautiful giveaway is proven to be the one where something comes back.

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