Awards und Trophäen mit UV-Druck, Laserzuschnitt und Gravur veredelt von der ebets GmbH

Laser engraving

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Awards & trophies as a symbol of recognition

We offer the right model for everyone: from inexpensive, stocked standard awards,a wide selection of pre-made trophies, cups and medals to the completely customized award for very special occasions. Through laser engraving, laser cutting and Digital printing techniques arise so extraordinary pieces, which are guaranteed to amaze.

In our awards online store, in the Online Sheet Catalog or in the online PDF catalog you will find a variety of predefined trophy models.

We offer cost-effective standard models of awards made of glass, acrylic or wood, which we can also deliver at short notice due to in-house production and raw materials in stock.

We can finish a wide selection of pre-made trophies, cups and medals with laser engraving and digital printing techniques to create custom awards that are perfect for employee awards or athletic honors.

For very special occasions, sometimes conventional models are not enough, so we create your unique award according to your design specifications. Using a wide variety of materials, individual cuts, laser engraving and digital printing, we create extraordinary pieces that are guaranteed to amaze.

In our Awards Online Shop, Online Browse Catalog or Online PDF Catalog you will find a variety of predefined trophy models.

Pokale, Medaillen & Ehrentafeln

Cups, medals,

Honorary plaques

  • wide range of models
  • available from different materials
  • Individualization
    depending on the material with:
    • Stickers
    • Sign
    • Doming
    • Laser engraving
    • or digital printing
Acryl-Awards & Acryl-Tischaufsteller

Acrylic Awards,

Acrylic table display

  • inexpensive alternative to glass
  • with laser engraving and/or printing
  • individual cuts possible
  • through Plexcurving also as
    Set up sign usable
Trophäen aus Kristallglas

Trophies from

Crystal glass

  • Models & sizes in stock with fast availability
  • incl. 4c direct printing
    on the back
  • Printing/laser engraving on front or base on request
  • further individual refinements on request
Einzigartige individuelle Sonderanfertigungen


Special designs

Cups and medals for sporting events

Cups with individually engraved plaque or personalized medals for your next award ceremony in the sports club are very popular.

Whether you are looking for inexpensive trophies for a club soccer tournament or special golf trophies for a local golf tournament, we offer a variety of products for sporting competitions. But we also produce trophies for your next fire department competition or for the district music festival in your town.

With us you will find besides the conventional medals also environmentally friendly alternatives: Glass medals and wooden medals. Especially the wooden medals, we can custom cut, engrave and print according to your ideas – you are free to choose the shape and size. Choose a sustainable and unique award.

Acrylic or glass table display

Present your company in the best possible light with customized display stands that perfectly match your corporate design. Whether at trade fairs, in the office, on the sales floor or as an advertising display at the customer’s – put your brand skilfully in the limelight.

It’s amazing what works of art we can create from acrylic sheets. The more sustainable alternative made of glass impresses with its high-impact, double-sided digital print. Due to our own machinery and raw materials in stock, we are particularly flexible.

We can implement the following finishing options for you:

  • Laser cut into individual special shape and recess as eye-catcher
  • Laser engraving (stands out especially when printed on the reverse side)
  • Adhesion with plotted colored foil or Visdome 3D sticker
  • Stand system with stainless steel stand base or Plexcurving (only for acrylic glass)

Crystal glass trophies

The Glasaward is a high quality and stylish award perfect for honoring or rewarding an individual or group.

Our awards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the award that fits your needs. Thanks to our extensive personalization options, fwir can add style to the award. Whether 3D doming stickers, 3D engraving or digital printing combined with discreet laser engraving – we offer you various options for individualization. If you are looking for a stylish award, our Glasawards are just what you need.

Using the digital printing process on glass, we achieve effects such as three-dimensional depth effects or reflections from glass thicknesses of 2 to 3 cm.

By partial or complete white printing over the first color layer we achieve special effects like the highlighting of a text orspecial light effects .

Award from wood - The sustainable

Using wood as a renewable alternative for award ceremonies is especially close to our hearts. Because wood is excellent to work with and combine with materials such as glass, acrylic or metal. For example – body of glass with wooden base or wooden body with custom cut acrylic panels.

We can laser engrave as well as print on wooden surfaces to produce creative awards with wow effect for you.

Would you like to give your loyal customers or an employee special recognition for outstanding performance? How about a personalized wooden trophy as a surprise gift? Show your appreciation in a very personal way.

Trophies custom made

Individual and customized trophies are indispensable to duly honor special events. Each custom design is unique and gives special meaning to the award.

The design of an award is a process that is created in dialogue with the customer. By choosing the right materials, combinations, shapes and finishes, the award becomes a distinctive work of art that fills the recipient with pride.

We process colored acrylic panels, wooden elements and panels, elements made of glass and acrylic, as well as metal components to your very individual trophy.

Be it in the field of education or corporate awards for outstanding achievements and ideas – we create your unique award according to your design specifications and realize your ideas.

Top glass trophy - champion

We have this high quality Glasaward with individually selectable base in stock in different sizes and dimensions.

The Champion glass trophy is equally suitable for corporate awards, sports trophies, employee awards or anniversary honors due to the individual combination options of glass block, glass base and additional glass utensils – such as golf ball, soccer globe or similar.

  • high quality glass with 2 mm edge cut
  • quickly available due to stock
  • Engraving and printing can be combined and used on all glass surfaces: bottom plate, side edges, front and back.
  • Different sizes available
  • Attractive price

Awards care tips - how to enjoy your favorite piece for a long time

Laser engraved surfaces of glass, metal or acrylic:
Since laser engraving is abrasion-resistant and insensitive, you can remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Fingerprints can be easily removed with spirit cleaner.

Wood surfaces with engraving or printing:
We recommend cleaning the awards with a soft, dry cloth only.

Awards with digital printing:
Do not expose the printed surface to hard or sharp objects, avoid scratching. To clean the printed areas, use a soft, damp (not wet) cloth. For glass, you can use diluted window cleaner instead of water. Gently brushing over it is enough to remove all impurities.
Please prevent waterlogging, it will damage the print.

Extra tip: Permanent, direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade, so printed awards are only suitable for outdoor use to a limited extent.

3 special features of our trophies custom designs

Special occasions call for personalized trophies that make an honor tangible. Each custom design produces unique awards. However, what the trophy ultimately looks like often only emerges in the course of a conversation. With the help of the right choice of materials, the combination of materials, the shape and the type of finishing, an award is first given the desired uniqueness, which ultimately fills the recipient with pride.

1. unique

From a wide range of standardized models you can find suitable trophies for sports events, for corporate and club awards, but also cups and medals with engraving.

2. high quality

Many of our standard models are cost-effective and become a personalized award when personalized with laser engraving or 5c UV direct printing.

3. personal

The models of our trophy folder are stock products, which we can finish flexibly by our machinery. So that you can present an award to your event even at short notice.

Applications for Awards & Trophies

Fancy trophies with engraving for special honors

Be it in the field of education or company awards for outstanding performance and ideas. Shapes, materials and colors leave nothing to be desired and allow for attractive and unusual awards.

Trophäe Glas-Sonderform
Trophäe Edle Preisverleihung
Trophäen Acryl Metall
Holz Trophäe

Cups & trophies with engraving for sports events & club competitions

Whether they are looking for inexpensive trophies for a club soccer tournament or even special golf trophies for a local golf tournament. They need trophies for their next firefighter competition or for the district music festival in their town. You have come to the right place.

Sporttrophäe - Fußballturnier Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz
Golf-Award - Clubmeisterschaft Schwinger Club
Glastrophäe - Vereinsmeister, Toni Shirt Team
Auszeichung - 25 Jahre Musikverein
Auszeichung - Vereinsmitglied - Segelverein
Auszeichung - Nassbewerb FF Güttling
Vereinsaward - Régate du Muguet
Jugend Fußball Meisterschaft

Trophies and stands as an unusual gift idea

Trophies can also be turned into a fancy gift for customers, employees or club members. Be it a photo print on a glass cuboid as a creative picture frame or a stand-up designed unceremoniously as a voucher.

Bilddruck auf Glas - Rückdruck
Tischaufsteller als Geschenkgutschein
Bilddruck auf Glas - Frontdruck

High quality glass trophies with engraving for customer awards & employee honors

Would you like to present your long-time regular customers with a special gift for their loyalty or honor an employee for exceptional performance? Surprise them with a very personal trophy.

Firmenaward - Excellence - the Cloud
Firmenaward - Ecotherm
Firmenaward - Mitarbeiterehrung - Aspock

Acrylic or glass display as marketing tool

Put your company in the right light with display stands customized to your corporate design. Whether it’s for a trade show, in the office or salesroom, or as an advertising display at a client’s location.

Acryl-Aufsteller - zugeschnitten - gebogen-bedruckt Intersport
Acryl-Aufsteller - geborgen-Lochlaserung -bedruckt - Adidas

Finishing types for effective trophies & care tips

To give your awards special effects and a great look, our staff will provide you with personalized advice. Here we give you a brief overview of the possible effects and how they can be achieved.

Achieve special effects with white printing

Here, the ink is printed on the reverse side in the first printing process and a partial or complete white background is printed over the first ink layer in the second step. In particular, this allows you to achieve the following:

  • Highlighting of a text by partial white background
  • Special light effects with partial white printing (the area of the white background does not let light through, the one without does)

View of the back,
Partly white print


Front view, effect
real solar radiation


View of the back,
partial white print


Front view,
partial white print

Depth effect when printing on glass

UV printing on the back of the glass creates a kind of three-dimensional depth effect from glass thicknesses of 2 to 3 cm.


Attractive mirror effect due to one-sided printing

The effect of the mirrored print motif is particularly effective with models such as the “Noblesse” glass trophy and the “Panorama” glass cuboid. The glass is printed here only on the reverse side and when viewed at an angle, this creates interesting reflections of the print motif.


We achieve outstanding awards mainly through the interaction of several raw materials in combination with various finishing processes such as UV printing, laser engraving, sandblasting, 3D glass engraving and 3D stickers.

Acryl-Metall-Trophäe-bedruckt & graviert - EnergieAG
Glas-Metall-trophäe - 3D-Gravur & Lasergravur - Ceasar
Holz-Glas-Trophäe - bedruckt & graviert - Media2go

Discreet laser marking and sandblasting on glass trophies

With our own laser and sandblasting facilities, we realize particularly fascinating effects for you. So we can mark trophies, jugs, glasses and bottles unobtrusively but delightfully.

Laser marking is suitable for logos and writings on flat glass surfaces. Sandblasting is particularly suitable for large-area motifs and the creation of matting suitable on strongly rounded or uneven glass surfaces.

Glasquader mit Sandstrahlung und Lasergravur
Färbige mit Logo und sandgestrahltem Frosteffekt.
Großer Bierkrug mit sandgestrahltem Motiv.
Sonderformat-Trophäe sandgestrahlt

Eyecatcher from acrylic sheets completely individual

It’s hard to believe what we can conjure up from acrylic sheets. Due to our own machinery and raw materials in stock, we are particularly flexible.

With our product table stand FlexCut you have the following finishing options:

  • Laser cutting into individual special shape
  • Recess by means of laser beam as eye-catcher
  • 5C UV printing on the back or front or both sides to create a layered effect
  • Laser engraving on the front (stands out especially when printed on the back)
  • Sandblasting (e.g. for motifs around corners)
  • Sticking with plotted colored foil or with the Visdome 3D stickers for an additional 3D effect
  • Stand system optional
    • with stainless steel stand (polished and glued on the back) or
    • alternatively, the acrylic glass is bent by means of plexcurving

Important care tips for trophies and awards with engraving

  • Laser engraved and sandblasted trophies:
    Since laser engraving and sandblasting are abrasion-resistant and insensitive, you can remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth, depending on the raw material.
  • Awards with UV digital printing:
    Do not expose the printed surface to hard or sharp objects, avoid scratching. To clean the printed areas, use a soft, damp (not wet) cloth. For glass, you can use diluted window cleaner instead of water. Gently brushing over it is enough to remove all impurities.

    Please prevent waterlogging, it will damage the print. Permanent, direct sunlight can lead to fading of the colors, therefore printed awards are only conditionally suitable for outdoor use.

Our top product: glass trophy "Champion

This flexible Trophy, which is also available at short notice, leaves almost nothing to be desired.


Practical examples

At ebets, you will receive individual technical advice and creative ideas that will give your award the personal touch you desire.

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