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Laser engraving

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3D stickers and stickers branding

Wherever advertising is applied flexibly – even on site – stickers of any kind are a good choice. Adhesive coatings with different requirements call for individual products. You can choose between standard stickers, 3D stickers as well as the latest NFC sticker with integrated NFC chip.

Stickers and stickers made to measure

We produce product stickers and advertising stickers with high resolution printing according to your requirements. The size and shape does not matter – almost anything is possible and almost any surface can be finished with these decorative stickers. Lamination or protective coating of the stickers possible on request. The applicability of the stickers is as flexible as the stickers themselves:
  • Sticker with your company logo for branding
  • Sticker sheets as fan pack (different sheet formats available)
  • Warning and information stickers in industrial production
  • large-area product labels such as computers, special ovens, appliances
  • Lettering stickers for rear windows and other smooth surfaces
  • Stickers for signs and awards
With an unusual motif and the right design idea, they can attract targeted attention with stickers. We also offer graphic services if you do not have a ready print file.

3D sticker with doming coating

Doming is the decorative 3D surface coating using resin, which gives your sticker a brilliant and crystal clear spatial effect.

This resin coating not only looks good – UV resistance, weather and color fastness thereby give your sticker a long life even outdoors. For Visdome 3D stickers, we use only hazardous-free, eco-friendly resin that cures quickly and evenly under UV light for improved quality .The doming coating makes your graphics impact and scratch resistant, it also protects against yellowing and fading caused by UV rays.

With a gel sticker you always achieve a terrific advertising effect on promotional items, NFC products, medals or awards, because domings can be applied to a wide variety of materials.

Doming sticker - What to consider?

Print data requirements:
  • For sharp corners, a rounded radius of 2 mm must be included in the cutting contour.
  • We print exclusively in CMYK color mode.
  • Vector-based data such as EPS, PDF, CDR or AI ensure the best possible print quality. All fonts must be converted to curves or paths.
  • Data in JPG or TIF pixel format – minimum resolution 300 dpi
  • Allow 1 millimeter tolerance for cutting and avoid narrow lines or fonts close to the sticker edge.
  • Bar width for contour-cut lettering at least 5 mm.
  • ideal size of the stickers up to about 100 cm²
The complete production of Visdome 3D stickers is done at our location in Kallham in Austria, therefore we can also produce small quantities for you.

Sticker with integrated NFC chip

Together with SINNUP, we produce NFC stickers with and without doming coating, which can be applied to a wide variety of promotional items and products. This gives haptic promotional items an additional digital benefit.

There are the following options for NFC stickers:

  • Visdome 3D sticker incl. NFC chip
  • Sticker combined with NFC and QR code
  • Special stickers can also be used for metallic surfaces
  • individual linking
  • Special shapes upon request

The NFC stickers offer the user digital added value without an APP.

Stickers - production in 5 steps

  1. With our high quality digital printers, the motif is printed on a white, silver, gold or transparent foil.

  2. The finished printed film is then clamped in the plotter. This cuts the upper film enough so that the excess material can be removed later.

  3. When weeding, the finished cut stickers are freed from the remaining film and cut into sheets if necessary.

  4. The cut edges of the weeded stickers serve as a run-out stop for the doming compound applied later in the case of 3D stickers. For standard formats, the resin coating is applied with the doming robot; for special formats and lettering, it is applied by hand.

  5. After a short resting phase, the resin is finally cured under UV light.

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