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Laser engraving

We give reality to IDEAS.

ebets was launched in 1999 and has grown steadily since then. By entering the production of promotional items, we have opened up new markets.

Today we create promotional items, print and embroider textiles, produce banners, RollUps as well as stickers and awards. With six laser systems, we laser almost all surfaces, from stone to textiles. Four embroidery machines and several digital printing machines ranging from textile and object digital printing to 3D printing round off our production diversity.

NFC promotional items are currently in great demand, i.e. items or stickers that have an NFC chip built in, which then provides the customer with digital information.

ebets-Wir nutzen die Technik und setzen auf Beziehung

We use technology and rely on relationship.

Do you want to present yourself or your company creatively, increase your reach or ensure that your products or services are the talk of the region? We help you to positively charge your brand and to use the radiance of existing brands.

From graphic design and processing to the finished product, we offer everything under one roof. In our embroidery shop we embroider your logo on branded goods such as Eterna shirts, Hakro textiles or Mascot workwear. Through our various laser systems we even offer the possibility to laser your logo on jackets, yes read correctly, even some textiles can be lasered. You can easily and quickly order products directly from our own stores.

On the stores, and you can also chat live with us and even start a video consultation. You don’t have time to think about what your slogan should be, which giveaways are best for the upcoming trade fair and which gifts your employees would like to receive?

We offer expert advice and are also happy to visit you on site to give reality to your IDEAS.

Rollup, banner and exhibition stand - advertising technology for your promotion

We produce high quality advertising technology that you can use for a long time. We design and produce all kinds of advertising according to your wishes.

Among other things, you can freely design your RollUp with us. The mobile and flexible indoor advertising poster that will attract everyone’s attention with the right design and the perfect installation place. It is perfect for trade shows because its position can be flexibly changed and it catches the eye.

For event announcements or as advertising space at festivals and events, banners or banners are best suited. For permanent lettering of buildings and rooms, advertising signs made of acrylic, aluminum dibond, wood, metal or glass with high-quality digital printing are particularly suitable. On construction sites and among craftsmen, the weather-resistant and inexpensive construction site boards are very popular.

We are happy to take over not only the production, but also the design of your signs and banners. Advertising signs are also optimal message carriers. Whether as table displays, menu cards, office lettering or price signage – share your wishes with us and we will realize them.

Shirts, poloshirts, workwear
- your textile with embroidery or printing.

Depending on the material composition and intended use, textiles can be finished in many ways. We will be happy to carry out the textile finishing of your products individually for you in our company. Whether shirts with embroidery, T-shirts with print, polos embroidered or jackets with laser engraving, everything is produced in house for you individually.

Promotional textiles of this type also serve another very special purpose in addition to the advertising message: Whether logo or advertising slogan – whoever is part of the community and can express this, wears the shirt or sweater with pride, strengthening the sense of togetherness of your employees or club members.

Mascot brand workwear with logo embroidery or workwear with print you get top quality and of course with professional advice.

Medals, awards and honors are made individually by us.

It doesn’t always have to be big and flashy: glass engraving is discreet, but achieves an extraordinary effect.

With laser engraving in combination with UV digital printing, we are able to conjure up particularly impressive effects on awards or trophies, glasses or water jugs, allowing you to shine with your message at events.

Medals get a very classy effect when they are finished with our Visdome 3d gel stickers.

For completely individual awards, we at ebets are now producing trophies using the 3D printing process.

Laser engraving and marking of products or components.

Laser engraving provides permanent marking of products or components. Our UV and weather resistant stickers are an alternative or supplement to this.

We process not only components but also promotional items and can print p ens or engrave pens.

Using UV printing, glass, metal and plastic parts are also printed in-house and then shine with your logo or inscription in all imaginable colors.

The ebets team

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