Graphic tips, how to design a banner

Are you interested in an excellent solution for your company’s advertising presence? Do it yourself is also your favorite motto? Then you will find valuable impulses in this article to design your advertising banner or RollUp in such a way that it appeals to people emotionally in a positive way and thus captivates them.

You’re probably familiar with the situation: At trade fairs, at company events or at an evening event – such as a conference, a concert or a reading – your company cannot afford to be without an all-round coherent appearance. To make an excellent impression on business partners and customers at events of any kind, RollUps or advertising banners are extremely effective. Thereby, the two methods for self-representation have different advantages.

The RollUp can be taken to various occasions as an ideal companion. Because the banner is simply rolled up for transport with its advertising message and used on site as a mobile stand. Thereby, no wishes remain unfulfilled with regard to the shape and size of the banner: they are available in countless variants. If the event takes place indoors, a lightweight aluminum frame to hold the banner is usually an advantage. It gets the necessary stability with the help of support feet. There are also more sophisticated variants on the market: Here, the holder for the RollUp gets by without any support feet at all with the help of a special design. If the event takes place outdoors, variants with pegs for anchoring in the ground are available. For events that require mobility, RollUps are advantageous because they are absolutely uncomplicated in transport and assembly. In addition, the banners can be changed as needed depending on the event. When it comes to the material of the banner itself, you have a wider choice. PVC tarpaulins are particularly durable. Various types of films, for example, made of polyester, are also on offer.

If, on the other hand, you decide to use an advertising banner, you will have a good signboard for outdoor and indoor areas, which is usually noticed from a distance. Especially for street advertising or at trade fairs and concerts, advertising banners provide the attention you want from your business partners and customers. Different systems for hanging on the wall or ceiling guarantee that your advertising banner will hang securely in the desired place. Here, too, you can choose many variables for quality and format, such as the material. Advertising banners made of textiles or even PVC are common. One of the decisive factors is whether it is to be used indoors or outdoors.

Good branding is the whole rent

To ensure that your rollup or advertising banner appeals positively to as many people as possible, branding is crucial. Because in this way you figuratively convey the values and goals of your company on the one hand and the benefits for your customers on the other. With the help of branding, you virtually form an identity from your company and your products or services for your business partners and customers, which has a living effect. A concept of how best to implement this is therefore essential.

When viewing the banner, positive emotions should be aroused as much as possible. Therefore, it is not enough to simply choose a visually pleasing design for it. The content of your advertising message in conjunction with the exact matching design is crucial. Because people want to be addressed emotionally. Only in this way your company and your offer will be remembered for a long time.

In plain language, successful branding that can positively convey the essence of your company and your performance offers people a long-term retention opportunity to your offering. Keeping it simple is an excellent idea in most cases. Because at events with many external impressions or on the street and in the supermarket, the messages on advertising banners must be easy to understand and yet impressive.

The attention span of visitors at events is rather short, while the flood of information can be very high. Therefore, the rule of thumb for the design of the advertising medium is: a simple, excellently crafted design plus high-quality content provide good added value for the people who get to see your advertising. Ideally, you work with the means of images and text.

Design tips for image compositions

Both colors and fonts exert a certain effect on people’s mood. Some basics about it:

Strong colors have a stimulating effect on the senses and are certainly a guarantee of attention. However, the colors must match and emphasize your message and overall appearance. Otherwise, the image composition as a whole will quickly look inauthentic. An example of this: If a bright color is already used in the background, the text should be more subtle. Otherwise, the eye will quickly become overwhelmed.

With text, brevity is the spice of life. The main points of your advertising message are best placed in the center. You can communicate additional information, if necessary, with other advertising materials – such as information brochures – or verbally.

And even if there is no lack of fonts: Too many of them quickly appear confusing and create a disjointed overall picture. Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to as few different fonts on a banner as possible.

Of course, your logo and contact must not be missing on the banner. It should be noted that a protective space without any other content should be kept around the logo so that it stands out well from the rest of the content.

Furthermore, the proportions in the design must be right: Are the central messages visually underlined? Is important content appropriately contextualized in relation to one another? Or are a few keywords enough? In the latter case, the focus is clearly on the image design. Images create a greater impact the more unconsumed the subject is.

As a general rule, content and images that are very close to each other or even overlap are associated with each other by the viewer. In this way, you have several opportunities to make a big impact with associations. But be careful! Unintentional connections can also be created quickly in this way. Therefore, as a conclusion in any case: the overall composition should attract attention – but always in a positive sense!

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