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Laser engraving

ebets - those with their own production

Creating a successful advertisement for products or businesses is a bit of an art. Our innovative and creative team will help you meet the challenge of advertising in the most effective and appealing way possible, yet not too obtrusive. Our diverse ideas offer you a direct path into the lives and emotional world of your customers.

Promotional items have a lasting benefit because the advertising message is perceived with more than one sense. Whenever your customers use, taste, put on or feel promotional gifts, they will be reminded of their origin. Therefore, the quality of the advertising material is also crucial to whether your brand is perceived positively. We have been living the current trend of sustainability for a long time and believe that sustainability starts with production. This is exactly why we try to produce and refine as much as possible in-house.

From promotional item to production

The company ebets made a successful start in 1999 and has grown steadily since then. By entering into the production of advertising materials, we have opened up new markets.

Today we create promotional items, produce stickers and awards. With six laser systems we laser, as well as all surfaces, from stone to textile. Four embroidery machines and several digital printing machines ranging from textile and object digital printing to 3D printing round off our production diversity.

NFC promotional items are currently in great demand, i.e. items or stickers that have an NFC chip built in, which then provides the customer with digital information. A key fob with NFC discovery system or a sticker that provides the user manual or an operating video when touched. All this is made possible by our NFC promotional items from our own production. You get everything from digital promotional items to digital content from our house.

Production techniques at ebets

The finishing of textiles with high quality fabric continues to have great importance in the advertising world and that is why we offer our customers both printing and embroidery. We produce ourselves and can adapt to your requirements and provide you with the highest quality embroidery. The stick convinces with its durability, originality and ensures that your company will be remembered by potential customers. This technique allows you to embellish textiles with threads, which is reflected in the colors, patterns and backing fabric, giving you a lot of design freedom. Thus, you can be sure to receive a unique promotional product.

Laser marking can create a noble and durable advertising on promotional items and objects. Our company uses different techniques that produce different results. A laser beam is directed at the object and transmits the desired designs. This technique can be applied to different materials, such as laser engraving, tempering and color removal.

The use of our own print shop significantly expanded our range of services for our customers. In-house printing allows us flexibility in order processing, easy verification of the highest quality standards, and quick adjustment in case of possible last-minute changes. In addition, our digital printing machines combined with new textile and object printing processes enable us to meet a wide range of customer requirements. With our own graphics department, we ensure that the design runs smoothly and is implemented with pinpoint accuracy.

Cooperation ebets and SINNUP

Since 2021, ebets has also been offering webshops and websites, i.e. the digital part in marketing, through its subsidiary SINNUP. Small and micro businesses often do not have the financial means, but still want to attract new customers online and promote information and products via a website. 

If you would like to get a picture of us with your club or company colleagues, we would be happy to invite you to visit us. We will be happy to show you our production techniques by appointment and take the time to answer your questions over a snack. If you are interested please send your request to office@ebets.at.

For us, cooperation means benefiting from each other and complementing each other. Thus, we complement each other in order to achieve the best for our customers in the field of NFC as well. From customized NFC products to finished NFC promotional items, we develop and produce them together with SINNUP.

Sponsoring and social commitment

Our value proposition is:

With ebets, you are not only choosing high-quality promotional products and finishes, but also a brand that takes responsibility.

We are committed to the professional integration of people with impairments by sponsoring the institution Assista Soziale Dienste GmbH. We also regularly support local music clubs, sports clubs and fire departments. We are a supporting member of the Upper Austrian Fire Brigade Association. Social cohesion within the ebets team is also close to our hearts, which is why we regularly organize joint outings.

In this way, you not only benefit from high-quality products, but also contribute to the promotion of your region. Convince yourself of our commitment and become part of our mission.

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