Stickerei und Textildruck für ihre Textilien individuell produziert by ebets GmbH

Laser engraving

Embroidery and textile printing branding for your apparel

Whether as a promotional gift for customers, uniform workwear or logo application for sports, music and firefighting clothing – the possibilities for textile finishing are many. We design for you promotional textiles of different types with your logo, slogan or other prints. Create a greater sense of belonging among your employees and club members or delight your customers with promotional gifts.

With us you get everything from a single source – from clothing, inexpensive to high-quality textile printing and exclusive embroidery.
We make sure your message gets across – advertising that pays off.

Stick as the highest quality branding

Your desired motif is professionally embroidered on textiles by us by means of 4 embroidery machines and ensures excellent appearance and long-term advertising effect.

Stick advantages

  • highest quality textile finishing
  • particularly durable, because very good durability
  • Flexible adaptation possible due to in-house production

Application of embroidered logos on almost all goods made of textile fibers:

  • Clothing for employees (shirts, polos, jackets, caps, knitted sweaters)
  • Textile equipment for clubs (jackets, caps, sweaters, hoodies)
  • Terry towels
  • Fleece blankets and fabric bags

Flock print for soft touch

The single-color flock film impresses with its velvety-soft feel and perfectly opaque appearance. Logo, lettering or individual names are cut out of the flock foil and pressed on with heat and pressure.

Advantages of flock printing

  • soft velour surface
  • opaque even on dark fabrics
  • Flock foil is permeable to air

Applications for flock printing

  • Polos and t-shirts
  • Functional clothing
  • Sports Dresses

Textile digital printing for small quantities

Your design is produced in-house with four-color CMYK printing and white underlay, then heat pressed directly onto the shirt or jacket.

Advantages of textile digital printing

  • pleasant touch, because the color combines with the fabric
  • can also be used for filigree, free-standing designs
  • ideal price also for small quantities, as no sieve adjustment is necessary
  • rapid implementation due to in-house production


  • Clothing for employees and clubs (polos, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies)
  • Fabric bags

Flex printing and digiflex printing

Your motif is first cut out of the single-color flex foil and applied to the textile via the transfer press. For multicolored motifs, Digiflex printing is an option, which we recommend rather for larger quantities, as the additional costs for small quantities are somewhat high.


  • elastic, smooth surface
  • opaque even on dark fabrics, reflective silver foil also available
  • short delivery times and small quantities possible with flex printing
  • washable up to 60 degrees depending on the film
  • Digiflex film can be printed individually


  • Polos and t-shirts
  • Sweaters and hoodies
  • Sportswear and functional clothing

Transfer printing for high color intensity

In this two-phase printing process, the motif is first screen-printed onto a carrier film and then transferred to the textile piece using a transfer press.

Advantages of transfer printing

  • high opacity and color intensity
  • pre-printed motifs storable
  • Pressing on the print in Kallham – Austria


  • Workwear for employees
  • Club textiles like shirts, sweaters and jackets
  • Textiles as fan articles

Photo printing for single pieces

Your desired motif is printed by color copier on a special foil and then transferred to the textile by means of a hot press. The ink is not opaque, so only light-colored textiles can be printed. The feel is very soft, but the print fades easily after repeated washing.


  • very cost effective for single pieces
  • High quality printing


  • Textiles as a promotional gift

Textile engraving for fleece and softshell

As an alternative to textile printing, we can realize large-area motifs with textile engraving for fleece jackets and softshell jackets.

Advantages of textile engraving

  • refined look
  • surprisingly haptic effect with fleece
  • Cost-effective and flexible due to in-house production


  • Textiles from blended fibers and leather

Textile finishing as desired

Your logo or lettering looks particularly good on textiles, so finishing is definitely an option if you want to stand out at events. You want to design jerseys with flock printing? Due to the velvety-soft feel and the perfectly opaque look of this technique, promotional textiles finished in this way are particularly suitable for the sports sector or for functional clothing. With flex printing, the motifs are plotted and then pressed onto the textiles. Due to its strong elasticity, this type of textile finishing is also particularly suitable for children’s and work clothing or club textiles.

Take a look around our website and discover all the types of finishing we offer. Depending on the desire and area of application, one or more types are particularly well suited. Are you also interested in having other advertising materials printed? We will gladly make sure that you stay on everyone’s lips or satisfy your employees with high-quality prints on awards, pens and other items.

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