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Flock print - your printed logo soft as velvet

We can cut out any motifs and slogans for you from the single color flock foil and press them onto the desired textile. Due to the velouro surface, the promotional textile gets a velvety soft feel at the printed area. You want to know if flock printing is suitable for your textiles?


Three advantages of the textile flock

1. comfortable grip

The flock print impresses with its velvety, raised surface and is perfectly opaque even on dark textiles.

2. versatile

It is ideal for labeling T-shirts, sports textiles, caps or workwear made of cotton, polyamide, acrylic, wool, viscose and mixed fibers.

3. flexible

Using our cutting plotter, your motif is cut from the roll material and pressed onto the textile in our own production.

Applications of flock printing

If you don’t like plastic-like imprints, then flock printing is the right choice for you. The textile flock foil has a slightly raised and soft surface, which convinces with its velvety feel. It is ideal for labeling T-shirts, sports textiles, caps or workwear

Textile flock technical information

How flock printing works

  1. The design (a vectorized detail) is cut side-to-side with our plotter and weeded manually.
  2. The printing position can be selected individually. This is then precisely measured and the motif placed.
  3. The heat press uses pressure and heat to bond the flock foil to the textile.
  4. The carrier film is removed only after cooling.

You can find pictures of the production technology under flex printing.

On which textiles is flock printing used?

Especially for T-shirts and sportswear, such as football shirts, the textile flock is suitable. But the flock material is also often used for labeling caps and workwear.

Promotional textiles with the following textile material compositions can be printed using flock:

  • Cotton
  • Polyamide
  • Acrylic
  • Wool
  • Viscose
  • Blended fibers

Our print data specifications for the textile flock

For the processing of the print data we need a vectorized file saved as .pdf or .eps. If you only have a JPG file available, we can gladly prepare it for you. The file processing will be charged according to time spent.

How big can my flock design be?

  • The size of our heat press allows us to produce flock prints up to 39 cm x 49 cm.
  • For lettering, the minimum height should not be less than 10 mm, otherwise we can no longer guarantee the legibility of the lettering.

Washing and care instructions for textiles with flock printing

The flocking is washable up to 60 degrees and ironable inside out. However, in order not to impair adhesion, flocked promotional textiles should not be put in the dryer.

In addition, be sure to follow the care instructions according to the textile label.

What flock colors are available?

There are 24 standard colors to choose from for flocking your promotional textiles. Other colors are available on request with surcharge depending on the color.

Please note that the original flock colors can only be simulated here.

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