Laser engraving

Textile engraving - discreet and yet memorable.

Have your promotional textiles, textile club equipment or workwear engraved with your logo or motto. With our laser, specially designed for textiles, we achieve extraordinary effects on a wide variety of materials. Logos on fleece or microfiber cloths are given a relief-like effect by textile engraving. With other fabrics such as jeans or softshell jackets, a subtle color contrast is created. Not all materials are suitable for textile laser engraving. When used correctly, however, this process is particularly suitable for large-area motifs.

Textile engraving - Three serious advantages

Cost-effective & flexible
Also for large motifs and personalization with individual names.

Discreet, unique feel
Ideal for discreet advertising due to the extraordinary negative effect due to the creation of color contrasts. Surprising haptic effects due to the surface inscription with the laser.

High-quality and durable
High-quality surface finishing of textiles can be implemented quickly & is durable.

Large-scale motifs
on jackets made of fleece or softshell come out particularly well.

Engraving on textiles from fleece, leather and softshell

We have the right textile outfit with the right branding for you for every occasion and every occasion. Workwear, textile catering equipment, club equipment for sports, music or non-profit associations, joint company presentation to customers or simply promotional textiles as employee or customer gifts. We can also engrave textile products with logos or lettering for fan stores of clubs and brands.

Textile engraving for promotional products

Materials with man-made fibers are particularly suitable for branding promotional textiles. In the case of textile engraving on pure cotton fibers, the engraved logo may fade after several washes. Therefore, we recommend using high-pile fabrics made of mixed fibers or purely synthetic fibers. No other marking method is as flexible and adaptable as laser engraving.

By means of a laser beam, part of the color of the fabric is burned and a motif is created, similar to a negative effect. This ingenious technology enables discreet and permanent personalization.

Textile engraving - details and tips

Our textile laser can engrave motifs up to a maximum size of 35 cm x 35 cm. We have already tested these textile fibers – they can be laser engraved well:
  • Felt made of mixed or synthetic fibers (felt hat, felt slippers, traditional felt jacket, keychain with felt ribbon)
  • Fleece (fleece jacket, fleece sweater, fleece scarf, fleece gloves, fleece blanket, fleece hood, fleece headband, fleece indoor shoes).
  • Softshell (softshell jacket, softshell pants, softshell gloves, softshell hat)
  • Kevlar® (Kevlar workwear)
  • Microfiber from blended or synthetic fibers (microfiber cleaning cloths)
  • Mixed fiber denim (denim pants, denim jacket, denim cap, denim bag)
  • Imitation leather and natural leather – visually the leather engraving stands out differently depending on the color tanning of the leather (leather jackets, leather cases, leather wallets, leather belts)

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Laser engraving is also used on products made of

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