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Wood engraving - the ecological way of advertising

Wood is a perfect material for laser engraving and laser cutting.

The focused heat of the laser beam cleanly removes individual layers of the wood surface. Promotional items made of wood, products made of solid wood or cork can thus be quickly customized without the addition of chemical dyes.

Laser engraving on wood is especially suitable for ecological advertising materials to meet the ecologically sustainable values in all aspects.

Laser engraving on wood - practical examples produced locally

Wood engraving is suitable for ecological promotional products made of wood as well as for individual custom-made products made of wood.

Three natural benefits that burn into wood

1.Environmentally friendly

Wood laser engraving is gentle to the workpiece and the environment -. completely without pollutants. Locally produced retains the Eco promotional item so what it promises.

2. flexible

From bulk to
single name engraving
the wood engraving simply everything.

3. unique by nature

Since wood is a natural product and each piece of wood a has individual grain, each wood engraving also becomes unique in itself.

Application areas

Sustainable wood engraving technical details

When laser engraving wood, the grain of the wood plays an important role as it significantly influences the color and depth of the engraving. In general, low-fiber wood types are better suited for wood laser engraving because logos and lettering are more legible and the engraving image is more beautiful.

What types of wood are suitable for laser engraving on wood?

  • An engraving on poplar or birch wood becomes relatively light and looks very subtle due to the low contrast.
  • In general, low-fiber woods with a relatively uniform grain, such as beech, oak or cherry, provide very good and rather dark, high-contrast engraving results.
  • High-fiber and heavily grained wood types such as bamboo are less suitable for engraving.

What effects can be achieved on wood surfaces using lasers?

  • During engraving, the top layer of wood is removed by a laser beam, and depending on the type of wood, the marking is more or less contrasty. With a subsequent glaze, the engraving can be emphasized even more.
  • Even real wood veneers can be inscribed with the laser.

Can wood be cut with the laser?

Yes – recesses can be laser cut or special shapes can be cut from wooden plates up to 2 mm thick.

What are the maximum dimensions of wood engraving?

The size of the engraving depends on the product to be engraved as well as its surface condition on the one hand and on the size of the laser on the other hand.

  • Our laser can produce engravings of maximum 40 cm x 60 cm.
  • 1 mm minimum distance to the product edge should be observed.
  • In order to still be able to read the engraved writing, the height of the letters should be at least 2 mm.

For rounded surfaces, the size of the possible wood engraving is based on the thickness of the rounding. Hold a ruler to the rounding – the maximum distance between the wood and the ruler (imaginary horizontal line in the sketch) must not exceed 2 mm, otherwise the laser engraving will be blurred. That is, the larger the diameter or roundness, the larger the area for laser engraving on the wood surface (in the sketch: maximum width of the area to be lasered).


Laser engraving is also used on products made of

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