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Metal engraving - the high-quality, noble and robust logo application

The be-all and end-all of promotional products is their appearance. Because whatever you present your company name on – the product must be absolutely convincing and of the highest quality. Therefore, it is our special concern to offer you only the best products in combination with high-quality metal engraving at the highest level. Our results convince with precision and longevity – best make yourself a picture of our expertise!

Practical examples of laser engraving on metal

Locally produced metal engravings for our customers

Three advantages of metal engraving that convince

1. robust

A metal engraving is permanent, abrasion-resistant, tamper-proof and also thermally and chemically resistant. Especially recommended for outdoor metal promotional items, industrial products and metal signs .

2. individual

Also single names or
Serial numbers can be
engraved cost-efficiently on metal signs and stainless steel.

3. graceful

Especially with coated
Metals shines your logo
in metallic sheen.

Wide range of applications for metal engraving

If you decide for a metal engraving from our company, you can look forward to great results, which are not only optically flawless, but also abrasion-proof, forgery-proof, permanent and thermally as well as chemically resistant. Therefore, it is also ideal for outdoor promotional items such as metal signs. In addition, we also apply metal engraving for the following areas:

  • Metal signs for industry, production facilities, products and trophies
  • Aluminum and steel industrial parts
  • Cutlery and pots from caterers
  • Promotional metal products such as pens, key chains, thermal containers and more.

Ball pen engraving for sustainable promotional activities

As our customer, you benefit from locally produced metal engraving. Ballpoint pen engraving is only one part of our comprehensive range of services. We divide metal engraving into the areas of untreated metals, steel or stainless steel, and painted or coated metal surfaces. We engrave all these metals directly with our modern YAG lasers. For burning special ceramic powders into bare metals, we use CO2 lasers to achieve high-contrast marking. Discover here our practical examples of metal engraving and glass engraving, which is also one of our hobbyhorses and extremely popular with our customers. Because who does not like to surprise with promotional gifts of a special kind that are durable, unique and simply beautiful?

If you have any questions about metal engraving or ballpoint pen engraving, feel free to use our live chat and we will take care of your request immediately.

Technical tips for impressive metal engravings

Metal engravings can be roughly divided into three areas:

  • Untreated metals
  • Steel or stainless steel
  • painted or coated metal surfaces

We engrave almost all metals directly with our YAG lasers. We use the CO2 lasers for burning special ceramic powders into bare metals to achieve high-contrast marking. It can also be used to engrave anodized aluminum and many coated metals directly.

Mit unseren Faserlaser gravieren wir bspw. Kugelschreiber

With our fiber laser we engrave e.g. Ball pen

Kunststoff-Karussell für Kugelschreiber im Faserlaser

Plastic carousel for ballpoint pen in fiber laser

What effects can be achieved with laser engraving on metal?

  • Discreet engraving on bare metal (e.g. stainless steel), so that a rough slight indentation is created.
  • The engraving of anodized aluminum brings out the basic material.
  • When metal alloys are processed with laser marking, the base metal shines through.

What is the maximum size of my logo?

The size of the engraving depends on the one hand on the product to be engraved and on the other hand on the size of the laser.

  • Our laser can produce engravings of maximum 40 cm x 60 cm.
  • 1 mm minimum distance to the product edge should be observed.
  • In order to still be able to read the engraved writing, the height of the letters should be at least 2 mm.

For rounded surfaces, the size of the possible metal engraving is based on the thickness of the rounding. Hold a ruler to the rounding – the maximum distance between the metal surface and the ruler must not exceed 2 mm, otherwise the laser engraving will be blurred.


Which metals are suitable for engraving?

  • Metal alloy products
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Aluminum
  • Other painted or coated metals
  • Stainless steel, steel (the more carbon in the steel, the darker the engraving will be).

To achieve the best possible engraving result, we advise a test engraving by our production. This way we make sure that you are really satisfied with your finished engraved product.

The metal engraving is almost not visible - what can I do?

Some metal objects do not allow laser marking of the surfaces, or only with low contrast. Here, the subsequent blackening of the metal engraving is recommended. The exposed area is blackened by treatment with a so-called Thermark paste. The coating around the metal engraving remains unblackened. However, this is a costly production step that also entails a longer delivery time.

If the finishing does not have to withstand the claim “abrasion resistant”, then we can also recommend UV printing or finishing with Visdome 3D stickers.

Laser engraving is also used on products made of:

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