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Laser engraving

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Lasergravur für Ihren Werbeauftritt - ebets Blog

Laser engraving for your advertising appearance

Give your advertising presence an upgrade with laser engraving. With this technique, you can take your unique advertising to a new level. With laser engraving you get a professional and innovative advertising solution for your business. We ensure that your advertising presence becomes an absolute eye-catcher. 1. introduction – we turn your ideas into works

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Lasergravur für Werbeartikel und Produktkennzeichnungen

Laser engraving for promotional items and product labeling

With laser engraving you can provide goods with product labels or promotional items, gifts, cups, medals, etc. with individual lettering or logos. Engravings of this type are smudge-proof and waterproof, are characterized by a long service life and can practically not be removed. If you want classy and meaningful promotional items with a high recall

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T-shirts printing, embroidery or flocking

No other item of clothing is bought as frequently in Austria and Germany as the T-shirt. It is comfortable to wear and can be combined in many ways. T-shirts have also found their way more and more into the corporate world. When you have a t-shirt printed, flocked or embroidered, you can customize it perfectly

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Was ist UV-Druck?

What is UV printing?

What is UV printing? UV printing has only in recent years become the mature technology it is available to you as today. With this method, it is possible to print on a wide variety of materials in large formats. The performance is already impressive, but UV printing still has a lot of potential for the

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Auffallen mit 3D-Aufkleber

Stand out with 3D sticker

You want to stand out and become better known – 3D stickers make it possible! Anyone who works in marketing knows: the right advertising increases a company’s reach immensely. With us you will find gel stickers adapted to the place and your individual needs to help you grow. Whether on a mug, a keychain, a

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Noble embroidery to fall in love

Recognition of the skill of embroidery is lost in modern times, as well as other forms of craftsmanship. Many logos on garments are embroidered. Buyers of clothes hardly perceive this kind of decoration as something special. However, embroidery is one of the most significant ways to show off garments to their best advantage. You are

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