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Month: August 2017

Promotional items & their purposes

The sense of promotional gifts Whether it’s a ballpoint pen or something more unusual, a self-cleaning tablet case, they all pursue the same goal: to be remembered by the customer. Nowadays, hardly any company can afford to do without promotional gifts due to the constant influence of advertising. Whoever invests so much money then also

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Employees – motivation made easy

The positive effect of encouragement has been proven. This is because motivated and praised employees set themselves higher goals, feel more committed, and in some cases even assume they have better skills, which in turn improves their performance. The bottom line is: an ambitious team is the be-all and end-all of a successful company.But how

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Insider tips from advertising psychology – part 1

Dive with us into the world of advertising psychology. Learn what exactly is behind advertising psychology and how it can work for your company in everyday life. What is advertising psychology, anyway? Advertising psychology studies the effect of advertising on the experience and behavior of the potential buyer. These include, for example, effects on purchase

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Top 5 advertising media in summer

Summer, sun, sunshine… Summer can offer more than just a water polo with a company logo. As this is the time of the year when people have the most free time, i.e. vacations or vacations, it is a good opportunity for companies to cultivate their customer loyalty with special promotional gifts. Of course, it is

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Behind the scenes… with the two company founders

How it all began In 2003, the Ebets company was founded in Franz Ebetshuber’s own garage. At that time, the employees could be counted on one hand, among them Elisabeth Ebetshuber and Eva Schöberl, who are still an important part of the company today. Today the company employs 24 people in a modern building. On

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