Promotional items & their purposes

The sense of promotional gifts

Whether it’s a ballpoint pen or something more unusual, a self-cleaning tablet case, they all pursue the same goal: to be remembered by the customer.

Nowadays, hardly any company can afford to do without promotional gifts due to the constant influence of advertising. Whoever invests so much money then also hopes to get something back. After all, no one wants to give away money.

While public advertising seeks to publicize the company and disseminate information, advertisers hope gifts will have multiple effects:

  • A better customer loyalty
  • To increase the awareness of the company
  • To have more presence with the customer in everyday life
  • To increase the recognition value
  • Improve the image of the company
  • Attract attention to the company

Customer acquisition vs. customer retention

As already mentioned, promotional gifts are mainly used for customer acquisition and for customer loyalty. Inexpensive promotional products such as lighters, key chains, pens, etc. are used in large numbers for the purpose of customer acquisition or increasing brand awareness. These are widely distributed and often lent out. The logo of the respective company is unconsciously brought to the customer’s mind, for example, when writing with a ballpoint pen. Many promotional items, such as: Knives, ice scrapers, measuring tapes, chargers, etc., serve customer loyalty, as they are somewhat more expensive to purchase, but can then be well incorporated into the everyday lives of customers.

Creativity and quality

From custom-shaped USB flash drives to self-cleaning tablet cases, there’s almost nothing that hasn’t been invented yet. Creativity is needed to convince today’s customers, who are difficult to influence. But good quality is also of enormous importance. No one is happy about a powerbank that can’t even fully charge their cell phone.

In order to be able to market one’s company in the best possible way, the above-mentioned keywords play a major role. However, it is also important to adapt one’s products to the respective target group.

Employee retention

Promotional gifts have another important purpose:
They are perfect for nurturing a company’s employee loyalty.

A high quality product, printed with the logo of the company, is a good way to reward its employees. Instead of scolding the employee if they oversleep once, give them an alarm clock so they can never be late again. With witty and creative ideas, you make yourself likeable to your employees and thus bind them to your company.


Depending on the target group and the pursued advertising goal, the appropriate promotional items should be selected accordingly. In addition, great emphasis should be placed on quality and it is often the creative ideas that create small advertising miracles.

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