Behind the scenes… with the two company founders

How it all began

In 2003, the Ebets company was founded in Franz Ebetshuber’s own garage. At that time, the employees could be counted on one hand, among them Elisabeth Ebetshuber and Eva Schöberl, who are still an important part of the company today. Today the company employs 24 people in a modern building. On 1700 square meters, the team of the Ebets company can develop, be productive and realize new ideas.

In 2016, the course was then set for the future. Jürgen & Renate Krausgruber will ensure that Ebets remains a family business with innovative strength.

Internet presence and own production

An important basis of the company from the beginning was the Internet presence with its own store. An unusual step for this industry was to invest in its own production facility, as it was common at the time to import from low-cost countries. Today Ebets is in possession of production facilities that can realize almost any form of finishing directly in house.

With the most current project – the online platform – a so far unique project was realized. The result is an online store that puts the brands and suppliers in the foreground. Everything related to advertising and marketing can be bought online on this site. There will be only pre-selected products on this marketplace, where the manufacturer will be presented and the country of manufacture or refinement will be displayed.

Interview with the founder of the company

Franz Ebetshuber agreed to answer some business but also personal questions about his company.


How did the idea for the company come about?

It was a childhood dream to be able to start my own business and realize my own ideas. I had a precise vision of my future.

Why promotional products?

I gained experience in various industries and at some point I came up with the idea of “promotional products”, and I liked this idea. I didn’t know exactly what I could start my own business with, but it had to be an industry that allowed a lot of room for creativity.

Which item is closest to your personal heart?
What are you particularly proud of?

For me, it is important that a promotional item makes sense and leaves lasting, positive impressions for a company. This also includes good advice and top quality products, which is what we have geared our company towards.

I especially like promotional items with great additional benefits and discreet advertising. At the moment, powerbanks or fashionable and functional textiles for leisure and sports are very much in demand. Quite high on the popularity scale are still the writing instruments.
Personally, the small notebook with Postit’s and markers as well as my personalized, beautiful pen are closest to my heart, these things I also really have in use every day.

What would you like to communicate to your employees this way?

A company is only as good as its employees, who also implement the ideas. We really do have a lot of motivated and loyal people in the company. Everyone uses their strengths skilfully, which is something I am particularly proud of. Everything we have created in the last, almost 20 years, is incredible yet true. And that gives us, and especially me, a great deal of pleasure.

I thank everyone for the excellent performance and the great cooperation!
Special thanks go to my wife Elisabeth and our first employee Eva, who were both instrumental in building up the company.

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