Employees – motivation made easy

The positive effect of encouragement has been proven. This is because motivated and praised employees set themselves higher goals, feel more committed, and in some cases even assume they have better skills, which in turn improves their performance.

The bottom line is: an ambitious team is the be-all and end-all of a successful company.
But how do you properly motivate your employees?

“Cash is real” is not always true

Money, bonuses, promotions, status, promises, … are all manipulative methods (yes, that sounds harsh at first) to motivate your employees. However, studies have proven that it is not always money or power that positively influences the employee, but much more – for example – a nice “Thank you, well done”.

Challenges, opportunities for further training and flexible working hours

Trust your employees to do more than their resumes may reveal. Employees should be specifically encouraged and challenged, it is also important to give them freedom for creative ideas and to hand over responsibility to them. Agreeing on annual goals, combined with various rewards in case of fulfillment, is a good way to increase motivation.

Further training opportunities are the basis for retaining commitment in the company. An under-challenged team cannot motivate themselves properly, which in turn reflects on their productivity. Therefore, give your employees the opportunity to develop. Recognize talents and promote them through targeted measures.

Let their employees participate in the concept of flexible working hours to some extent. This not only creates room for creativity, but also gives their employees the feeling of being “boss” over themselves. Young families in particular will benefit from this, as they rely on flexible working hours.

Amusing gift ideas

As already mentioned above, material things do not always spur on good performance, but given away in a funny way, it does help one or the other employee to motivate themselves. Example: An alarm clock with company logo for all employees, instead of punishing if someone is late once.


In conclusion, it is certainly not possible to keep a company at the top without productive employees. Make your employees feel like an important part of the company, treat them with respect and give them (funny) gifts every now and then.

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