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Promotional items via closed store system: uncomplicated and flexible

Company store or club store in your own CI A corporate store gives companies the opportunity to purchase advertising materials promptly, at low cost and in line with their own corporate identity. Processing print jobs is also easier than ever with a closed store, also known as a regular customer portal. In this online store,

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GOTS certificate: Textiles under the magnifying glass

How meaningful is this certificate? The Global Organic Textile Standard-(GOTS) certification bodies have made it their business to evaluate products made from natural fibers according to authoritative standards such as quality, environmental friendliness but also “social friendliness”. In order to check whether, for example, promotional textiles – be it a textile print bearing a special

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Quality before quantity

The promotional item is noble, helpful and good. It was already known in ancient times that advertising works. Back then, market shouters provided the “branding” and somehow, to this day, the question arises whether advertising really always has to shout at you. Or does a more charming style also apply? If you want to present

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Top 5 advertising media in summer

Summer, sun, sunshine… Summer can offer more than just a water polo with a company logo. As this is the time of the year when people have the most free time, i.e. vacations or vacations, it is a good opportunity for companies to cultivate their customer loyalty with special promotional gifts. Of course, it is

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Trends & change in advertising media

As a provider of advertising materials, it is important to always follow current trends and stay up to date. From USB sticks to NFC technology, Ebets is always on the ball when it comes to new innovations and trends. Promotional items became more versatile & important A major change in advertising media is that products

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