Everything that becomes less becomes worth more.

A simple economic principle that probably everyone knows or has already experienced the effect. A good example of this is the raw material oil – if the production volume is reduced, the price and thus the value of the raw material increases.

More digitization – less personal contact

This principle can also be applied to digitization. There are currently more and more complaints about impersonal customer service and excessive email communication. The use of digital communication channels is therefore enormously high, and the value of these channels, or rather the value they convey, is declining.

Higher appreciation of “person-to-person contact

The conclusion could therefore be that personal interpersonal contact is gaining in value or esteem as it is perceived to have become less so. Personal contact and having someone who can be on site when a problem arises – that’s quite something. However, it is not so easy to see only personal contact as a panacea. It will be the optimal use of technology and the resulting benefits for relationships that will be decisive. We use technology and rely on relationships – as ebets® we are going exactly this way and continue to build up our staff in the office and in the field, at the same time we are one of the first in our industry to use a chat function with which you can contact our office staff live.

Advertising in haptic and high-quality form with a digital interface has a future in our view – it is precisely this future that we want to actively shape and have already placed the first products on the market for this purpose.

Conclusion: Use technology & rely on relationships

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