How is “Gife-Away” spelled correctly?

Well, you’ve probably already spotted the error in “give-away” – but why read on now?

Since childhood, and especially during school years, we are confronted with red marked error places. We perceive errors very well and often look for the “originator” of the error.

Poor quality conveys bad image

The situation is similar for promotional items that have not turned out optimally. If an advertising medium or give-away is of poor quality, people look even more closely at the branded logo and thus at the “originator”. It would be a shame if this is your own company. Thus, the faulty advertising material would leave a bad company image in the customer’s mind. A prime example are lighters that only burn three times, pens that spill or dry out, or umbrellas that break at the first small gust of wind.

6 essential selection criteria for the right giveaway

The right choice of advertising medium is therefore a key step towards good advertising. Asking yourself the following questions and finding the right promotional product will go a long way.

    1. What values and standards does my company represent?
    2. Where and by whom is the article used?
    3. Which target group should be addressed?
    4. What quantity is really required? Less is often more: It is better to order a little less, but invest in better quality.
    5. How long should the article be used? Depending on the intended use, the advertising material should be matched in terms of durability and quality.
    6. What budget do I have?

Consulting as an important basis

Some promotional products retailers and manufacturers also offer professional assistance in choosing the right promotional product. It should be ensured that in such a consultation not only the budget is asked, but also the really decisive questions are analyzed – then you have already laid a good foundation for your advertising success.

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