10 reasons why your company should use promotional products

Are you asking yourself whether the use of promotional items is too elaborate, too expensive or generally makes sense for your company? The following 10 reasons should help you decide on the use of advertising media.

Keeping customers loyal to a company is difficult nowadays due to the many offers and the correspondingly high competition. We are constantly surrounded by posters, flyers and advertisements on the radio or television. But is so much advertising really useful? The answer is yes, advertising is necessary to emotionally charge and anchor your company as a brand.

In order to retain and expand your customer base, innovative ways of advertising are necessary. Companies benefit in many ways from properly used advertising media. They have a positive effect on the way potential customers think and act – and that’s exactly what matters to a company.

Here you will learn 10 reasons that will convince you to use promotional products.

  1. The most important reason and therefore the first: promotional items have a lasting advertising effect – they are used regularly due to their utility value and thus remind people positively of the company. IMPORTANT: go for quality when it comes to advertising materials.

  2. Adaptability – Not like advertising on the radio or television, which can only be heard or seen, advertising media can adapt to the company or industry in terms of haptic and purpose individually.

  3. Customers pay attention to promotional gifts. Receiving something as a gift is positively anchored. Another plus point is their haptic character, which offers a completely different experience compared to other media. Thus, they not only create an optimal marketing of their own company, but also give the customer an added value.

  4. Give-aways are popular – Every one of us is happy about an original and useful promotional item, right? Getting a useful product that is used regularly and remembered for their utility value creates a recurring positive memory of your business. Promotional items are therefore an interesting way to make yourself felt by your customers again and again.

  5. By using promotional products, you can reach exactly those target groups you want to reach: Fidget spinners, hip gym bags, without which no young person leaves the house today, or a Bluetooth speaker are potential products to promote to the younger generation.

  6. Useful, individual promotional items have a positive impact on the corporate image – they make the company stand out from others and thus increase the value of their brand or logo.

  7. A good merchandising product acts as a brand ambassador for your company – For example, let’s say someone gets a thermal coffee mug as a promotional gift. This someone drinks a coffee every day at work from this very mug, which is printed large with their logo. Everyone who sees this mug not only perceives the logo of their company, but also how the

    Coffee drinker enjoys his coffee from this mug and thus associates something positive with their company.

  8. Useful promotional gifts are extremely welcome. Receiving promotional items is by no means perceived as being as intrusive as, for example, sending advertising letters or even advertising e-mails.

  9. You also have the opportunity to use new technologies with advertising media and thus become even more interesting for certain target groups. This means, for example, an NFC chip or a QR code on the thermal coffee mug, which when scanned leads directly to the homepage or can also provide you with information on how to use your advertising materials.

  10. A promotional gift simplifies explaining the business idea of a company. A classic example of this is the beach bag as a promotional gift from a travel agency.

In summary, promotional items, whether classic or modern, are the best way to optimally market their business. With your own special promotional item, your company will stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. However, always make sure that you purchase high quality items that fit your company values – it’s your logo on it after all.

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