Customer loyalty through promotional gifts

Advertising materials that are sensibly selected and tailored to the needs of the target group reinforce long-term positive customer relationships. We have briefly summarized what you should pay attention to here.

How do I make the right choice of promotional items?

When choosing promotional gifts, there are some aspects and issues that you need to consider:

  • What are the target groups for your promotional gifts?
    • Employees
    • Investors
    • Customers
    • potential customers
  • What are the goals of giving away promotional items?
    • Customer loyalty
    • as a thank you for the good cooperation
    • Completion of an order, etc.
  • How do I structure the target group specific promotional gifts?
    Here, it is important to divide the customers into 3 to max. To divide into 4 categories. The classification of the categories is based on a reference value that is considered important by the company (e.g. sales, sales potential).
  • How much should the promotional gift be worth?
    In doing so, you should not skimp, but rather be generous. This pays off in the long run. If the item is of high quality, it will be in use for a longer period of time and thus remain in the user’s memory for longer.
  • In addition, environmental friendliness should be taken into account during production.

Logo placement and size

When placing a logo, there are a few important things to consider as well.

In the advertising industry, sometimes less is more! While it should attract the customer’s attention and curiosity, it should also not appear obtrusive and cluttered. A complete lack of one’s own brand identity on the promotional gift is also not advisable, as it should always be associated with the company.

Personal cover letter

The cover letter requires high attention. Common phrases such as “We thank you for the good cooperation and wish you a Merry Christmas” or even a form letter should be avoided. It is better to formulate a personal cover letter. In it, you can address personal relationships, recall individual experiences or long-term cooperation. The Christmas card and New Year’s greeting should always give an optimistic outlook on the future.

Of course, the letter is signed by hand by the managing director or, preferably, by two people, which makes it look more valuable.

If these things are taken into account, nothing should stand in the way of the perfect promotional gift.


These 7 aspects should be considered when choosing a promotional item:

  1. The gift should be something special.
  2. The promotional item should be related to the company.
  3. Be sure to choose the right time for delivery (of the promotional item).
  4. Compose an appropriate cover letter to be given with the gift.
  5. The promotional item should be stylish and
    have the longest possible service life or frequency of use by the customer.
  6. However, make sure that the company imprint is not too intrusive. Keep it small but nice!

We wish you much success!

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