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An invention that makes not only many children happy, but also parents: bouncy castles.
Children have been able to let off steam in so-called “air castles” since 1977. They were invented by Austrian entrepreneur Elisabeth Kolarik, who realized her dream of an “air mattress you can also jump on.”

Invention by accident

Did you know that the original idea of a bouncy castle was actually intended as a “playground,” as Elisabeth Kolarik called it, for her daughter’s nursery? The inventor contacted a hot air balloon manufacturer in England and ordered a two-by-four-meter inflatable. What she hadn’t considered was that in England they measure in inches. The bouncy castle that was ordered was then eight by eleven meters, which in turn gave Elisabeth the idea of setting up the bouncy castle in the garden. In 1992 she then founded the café-restaurant “Luftburg” in the Prater, which is equipped with several of these jumping castles.

Advertising that stands out

The idea of the Ebets bouncy castle is to convey advertising in a different way for once. Instead of advertising banners at various festivals and events, this type of Ebets advertising should offer an additional benefit, mainly for young visitors, and really stand out. Customers can also rent the Ebets bouncy castle for your event for a small rental fee.

Bouncy castles are perfect for children who want to run wild and at the same time protect them from serious injuries due to their soft walls. In this way, they provide parents with a short break and a relaxed stay at an event, with the conscience that their child is “safely” having fun.

Advantages for organizers

  • For the organizers, the main advantage is the quick assembly and disassembly and that very little space is taken up when stowing the bouncy castle.

  • Moreover, unlike carousels or other devices, these attractions can be operated on their own.

See for yourself how it works – in this short tutorial:

Interested companies or firms that want to give their young event guests a treat and would like to have different advertising placed for a change, therefore benefit from the Ebets bouncy castle in many ways.

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