The importance of graphics and logo

Emotionally charge your brand

Anyone who takes over a company or even sets up a company themselves knows the importance of corporate identity. The brand should be present in people’s minds in the long term. For example, we don’t just think of lemonade when we feel like a Coke. Coca-Cola is stored in people’s minds as a brand. How does it work?

The strong presence of images in the form of graphics and logos in particular anchors itself permanently in the consumer’s memory. These strong visual stimuli make a product stand out from the rest. It is advisable to choose a simple logo, which makes it particularly memorable. A simple concept is also suitable for later transfer to various advertising media, such as clothing or decals.

Apple’s bitten apple is a prime example of this. The name of the company is already revealed by the logo. The link with the brand could not be closer. Thus, there is a high recognition value. Memory psychology has proven that repetition of input anchors it in memory in a particularly lasting way. We perceive the bitten apple, even if only subconsciously or out of the corner of our eye, and immediately associate it with the Apple brand.

Harmony of images from the beginning

In addition to the repetition of the input, advertising psychology knows about the importance of emotionally charging a brand. People associate the product with positive graphics. When founding a company, therefore, it is necessary to think carefully about the feelings, values and associations that should be associated with the brand. Then you select images that appeal to the target audience and evoke the desired thoughts. Consumers repeatedly perceive the brand in the context of these graphics. Subsequently, our psyche finally transfers the emotions associated with the images to the brand itself.

For example, if a perfume is advertised with beautiful, elegantly dressed women, after a repeated viewing of the brand’s logo and the graphics of the beautiful women, the brand itself represents beauty and elegance to the consumer.

When setting up a company, you should carefully plan which logo harmonizes with which graphics. The feeling to be evoked in consumers must be evoked by both representations. Here it is worth thinking about the psychological effect of colors. Each color triggers a certain emotion in the human brain. This emotion should, of course, be positive. One should deal with the usual emotions associated with colors. For example, blue has a calming effect, green is healthy and red is lively and passionate. In addition, the color should be adapted to the target group and should be different from other products. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense to launch a cola-like soda and also have it with a red background and white lettering.

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