Customer acquisition

Promotional items as discreet marketing

Attracting customers, building image and making profits are considered the main challenges of business managers and marketing managers. Those who communicate with high-quality promotional items advertise in an unobtrusive way, offer customers added value and build a credible image.

Companies essentially all pursue one goal, namely to reach customers and record higher profits. One of the biggest challenges for CEOs and marketing managers, however, is to make potential customers aware of products and services, to build up an image, and to raise the company’s profile.

Nowadays, high-quality products alone are no longer enough to survive in a fiercely competitive and global market. The question of how a company, brands or products are marketed is becoming increasingly important. Print advertising, social media marketing, email advertising or sweepstakes are just a few examples of possible marketing tools. Selecting individual right channels is not easy, because communication work is also connected with budget expenses and hardly any company can afford to serve all marketing channels. Whatever marketing approach is taken, one success factor is that advertising measures must fit in with the company’s mission statement and values.

Due to the overflow of information and the enormous number of advertising messages that customers are confronted with every day, it is also advisable to use discreet and unobtrusive marketing. And that’s exactly the idea of stylish, high-quality promotional items.

In contrast to classic online and offline marketing, promotional products can be optimally adapted to the values, needs and wishes of your target group:

  • For example, if you are a company with customers who work a lot on computers, you can attract attention with a nice USB stick or NFC sticker.
  • On the other hand, whose target group likes to be outdoors can use umbrellas as a promotional product to build image and awareness.

Whether ballpoint pens, notepads or lighters, unlike advertising folders or brochures, promotional items are commodities that have a practical use for customers and don’t end up in the nearest wastebasket. Promotional items thus offer customers added value.

Regional promotional items for regional products

Many companies have an innovative mission statement and appealing values, but fail to communicate these to their target groups. One of the reasons for this is the lack of coherence and consistency in the advertising strategy. If, for example, a company sells high-quality products that are produced in Austria and then markets them with low-quality promotional items from abroad, the company’s mission statement and image become untrustworthy. Customers notice this and may switch to other providers whose overall impression is more coherent.

Marketing and advertising activities must therefore be integrated into the company’s strategy and be consistent with the company’s values. Regional products therefore also require regional promotional items. In times of climate change and environmental problems, regionality and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. Ebets produces itself and offers regional added value. If you would like to mark your promotional products, such as shopping bags or calendars, with your logo or individualize them with a company slogan, this finishing is also done in-house at ebets. As a promotional products supplier, we would like to help you sell your products. It is important to us that articles fit your company, your target group and your mission statement. We know the world of marketing and we know which items your customers need and convince them.

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