Trade fairs – hub around your products

Present your company with innovative and affordable promotional gifts that visitors will remember at any trade show. Corporate identity with a coherent appearance is ensured by corporate clothing and NFC communication technology in promotional items.

A trade fair is a popular event for many companies to present their goods and services. Companies as well as potential customers meet at these regularly organized market events. The aim of these exhibitions is an exchange of information or experience about the offer presented by the companies. In addition, hopefully many orders will be solicited that result from the discussions. Accordingly, one would like to present oneself here to the potential customers. To stand out from the competition, manufacturers and wholesalers invest a lot of time, capital and energy in designing and building their “market stand”. It is particularly important here to stage one’s own branding with a high recognition value. In this context, it is correspondingly significant to always find new advertising media that leave a lasting impression on visitors by causing a stir. Innovative ideas are required here that capture the current zeitgeist and remain in the memory. In addition, the purchases should not put too much strain on the budget. However, there are market-driven solutions to the ever-growing demand. For two such modern advertising media, you will find more information and suggestions here on this page.

Stylish corporate apparel with logo

A textile as an advertising medium has long been established. Your employees at a trade show booth are immediately recognizable as belonging to the company through uniform company clothing with branding. They increase the feeling of togetherness and support the image of a cohesive appearance. Furthermore, clothing items such as T-shirts are a welcome giveaway for your booth visitors. Due to the increasing importance of these modern advertising media, the demands on quality and price are also rising. There is now a wide range of different materials and finishing options. Do you prefer a more formal business look or do you want something more sporty and casual? This, and the question of how to apply your advertising message, should be discussed in advance. From simple printing methods to embroidered text or logos, many things are technically feasible. Flock, flex or transfer printing offer a wide range of design options. The decisive factors are the material compositions and the motif itself.

Promotional items with branding and advanced NFC technology

You can now equip conventional promotional items of all kinds with Near Field Communication. Known as “NFC” for short, this is a constantly evolving technology that is becoming increasingly important. The advertising media with an NFC chip can record data in their immediate environment and play it back on demand. A promotional item with the appropriate branding is thus now provided with digital added value in addition to its practical benefits. There are hardly any limits to the content here. Starting from simple contact data up to advertising videos can be given to the customer in such a way into the hand. The prospective customer can view these at any time without an app and unwanted push advertising. Some of this data can also branch directly to the Internet or the homepage. So you can easily update and adjust the information at any time. In addition, you receive an evaluation of how often which content was accessed. Via online forms, you can thus invite the user to interact, for example, by allowing him to participate in a sweepstakes. Find out more about the NFC applications that have been implemented so far and let them inspire you. This technology is also guaranteed to offer interesting possibilities for your promotional products.

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