Promotional items for tomorrow’s customers

Children are the customers of tomorrow. Our young generation enjoys many small things. A good example of this is promotional items that serve as toys, such as balls that are branded with a logo. Small game ideas or utensils often cause surprising enthusiasm among children, so that promotional items can quickly become a highlight for children.

For advertisers, this is of course a great advantage, as a company’s logo is thus permanently present in everyday life. And these are precisely the intentions pursued by companies. Promotional gifts of good quality usually have a long life and are therefore also longer in use. This leads to the fact that the advertising placed on it is also remembered for a longer period of time. This consequently casts a good light on the company in question.



When choosing promotional gifts for children, the most important thing is their age. The articles must always fit the age and the interests and life situations of the child. There is a wide range of suitable and safe products that can be used by children without danger.

Here are a few examples of products that are suitable as promotional items for children:

  • Soft toys
  • Frisbees, balls and other outdoor games
  • High quality wooden games such as brain games, board games & spinning tops (can be especially well refined with the company branding)
  • custom printable cardboard game house
  • Card games with custom printable back

High quality fancy promotional gifts:

  • Textiles with funny print motifs
  • Cuddly blankets
  • Bath or beach towels with motifs according to age
  • Wooden wheel

Giveaways for kids and teens:

  • Drinking bottles
  • Backpacks
  • Sports bag
  • Timetables
  • Children umbrellas
  • Lunch boxes


But beware: stay away from poor quality!

The quality of the products is of utmost importance, especially for this target group. Defects such as toxic paints, plasticizers, brittle parts or other damage can cause children to suffer harm. This in turn can have a very negative impact on the company. The products should therefore always be marked with the full manufacturer or importer address and the CE mark. With those markings, the manufacturer guarantees the safety of toys based on the Toy Directives (EU Regulation 765/2008).



Promotional gifts for children must be age-appropriate as well as high quality and particularly easy to integrate into everyday life. In this way, the goal of satisfaction is achieved among a large target group in which the company’s advertising message should be remembered.
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