How advertising materials work with customers

A promotional product communicates via sensory signals, which primarily have an unconscious and emotional effect. An ideal basis for attracting attention and sympathy. Moreover, promotional products can appeal to all the senses – a silver bullet for subconsciously triggering emotions and persuading.

A predominant advantage of promotional products

Advertising that is not perceived and whose content is not internalized by the consumer is worthless. While classic advertising often fails to overcome the first hurdle – that of perception – advertising media always do. The brand message must reach the consumer in order to achieve a deeper advertising effect, such as product information.

Promotional items as a means of attracting sympathy

Companies that use advertising materials were rated as particularly likeable by 51% of study participants in a recent study. Why is that? Promotional items can be used to address a specific target group in particular. High quality products and no “garbage items” give the customer a feeling of appreciation. A practical item, such as a branded fabric bag, is not only used frequently, but the company is remembered every time it is used.

DIMA Market Research Study on the “Advertising Impact of Promotional Products

This study focused on five clearly delineated promotional product categories from the office, household products, tools, textiles and food sectors.

95% of respondents could spontaneously recall owning one of the relevant promotional items. Almost half of these promotional items had been in use for more than a year. The usage rates are generally high: 93 percent of the study participants also attribute a promotional product to its function.

This has an effect on the everyday range. It is on a par with radio at 80%, TV comes in at 72% and posters reach 51%.

The emotional impact of the promotional items studied influences sympathy and trust in particular.


In summary, there are a few points that highlight the relevance of promotional products.

  • Promotional items are many times more effective than print or TV advertising
  • are positively received and the message is perceived by the consumer,
  • the use of advertising methods increases the likelihood of success
    have a lasting effect (the article pleases, functions, and is accordingly kept and used for a long time)
  • Promotional items are highly accepted and consumers are happy to receive them. And if the consumer is doing well, the company is doing well too.

(Source: Study by GWW, Advertising Effect of Promotional Products)

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